The Answer is ‘NO’.

Such a simple answer >>N>O

The word that I did not wanted to hear and prevented the most was there, too early, too quickly. I even wanted to prevent it by not questioning, But it came and when it came, it was like a hurricane which took every thing away.

After a long time I thought I was living but life was playing a trick on me. It was only laughing at me from far away and bid me goodbye forever. I don’t know why but the livelihood has gone.

I knew somewhere that it would happen and was prepared but still her hard words I would have understood.

But the way she said was really simple


Oh! God why am I so complex???

Can’t u make things but simpler for me??

When she came?? How she came?? How it happened?? Why to me?? are very complex questions to me also, and the most complex and difficult question of all is how to forget these things…


The harder I try to FOTGET,  DEEPER I sink…

Why m I so ugly, so dull, so stupid???

I don’t have any of the quality which should be in a normal guy, So that a pretty girl like her says “I DO TOO.”, Instead of  ‘NO’ When I say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to her.

She is correct so is her answer.

The thing that is wrong is me, only me.


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