Search for the one, 26 Jan 2016

I am a typical 25 year old guy.

I am in that stage of my life where I have achieved enough as far as other people are concerned. But I still feel under achieved, when I looking at my really successful friends.

Most of my ex are married now and this season even my closest of friends, actually couple of them got married and some got engaged.

which got me a thought of finding a girl for me.

Since now I don’t go to school/college any more and work in a very tight office schedule. I have no other way of socialize and meet a girl. So I had no other option but hunt for girl in a dating site and apps. I remembered there used to be a site called, which was developed with sole purpose of match making in my cast, “Tharu“.

The site was down, My luck!!! I felt.

Then I googled all the match making sites listing singles from my country and signed up in couple of apps and found it was a dead end as I  belong to an ethnicity which is listed in the group of under developed casts. No Luck again.

Girls in my cast are still considered to be shy and backwards. They are not that advance enough to list them self in match making sites. Some girls who are advance and considered to be modern are all already taken by others when I was busy dating other girls. My faith again.

I had no choice now and was doomed, a dead-end.

I thought!!!

I belong to a modern family and they will accept a girl with good moral and friendlier behavior, no matter what cast she belongs to, I have dated a couple of girls in different cast and my family never had any problem with it. They supported then, why wont they now? if I can find a nice and sarwagun sampanna(full of all good properties) girl.

So I began to seek for female with common interest and age group that matches me. Now finally found countable number of girls (bad luck again its Nepal and we don’t have lots of girls sign up in these things.) that can be approached. I sent message to few on hope of their reply.

Then I began to surf more, extended my filter boundaries, and I was surprised to find photos of couple in these site as a profile pics. And there was a picture of couple attached together with stylish caption, ‘I love you for ever‘.

I thought they must have meet through this site, so was eager to know their story and opened this profile. I see there is not much of posts so went deeper in details and found that profile was made just 2 days ago and profile picture was set during the time of sign up.

Now I was confused, was this profile made to show off!!! Do they want to rub that in our face that they are happy and we are lone wolfs seeking for partners in these sites.

Or are they dumbos, seeking for a partner to spent their life by advertising they have a lover who they love.

My time was up and I had to leave for home, so I closed my browser and headed to my home.


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