The right one.

When you Find that special someone, They become your world.
You trust them with the most Valuable filling, they have your heart?

You Tell her … you ? her … and how she is your dream come true
and that your love for her is forever no matter what, then when they walk away, they take every little happiness you ever had.

But its Funny because even she have hurt you. you love her with what’s left.

and then you see her with him!!! and you remember. All the memories you have with her and that hand he is holding was Once holding yours.

she looks at you & You pretend As if you avoid her, and you’ve got this great fuckin new life and friends and you are happy but.


She starts too walk off with him. You turn around and look. That Guy was Once you, and tear falls down your face.

no matter how much you wish, you could turn back time. To when you was that guy. that she said those Three Beautiful words too.

I love you…

when she makes you find that, she still fells the same for you.
And he is just someone is not true.
you think you want to know all About her new guy

but realize you just want to see, If he is more great Looking???

But ever day You put On a brave face to show that deep down your not hurt inside.

When the truth is you don’t see the point any More.

but everyday you have to put your chin up high. N get through it because someone, somewhere, Out there is a girl who will … you N treat you like that prince that You are.

it’s just a Case of finding that special someone.

we meet a lot of wrong person before meeting the right one, it’s just that when you meet the right one.

you would know how to value them.


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