Shoulder of trust 5 feb 2016

I use public transportation to move around the city. And this was not any different day, I was returning home after a long day in office. I got in a bus to Koteshower. There is no way that I get a sit in a bus from mid way even though this bus was only going only up-to Koteshower. We all know the situation of public vehicle this days due to on going condition in you country. So I plugged-in my earphones and pressed my volume rocker keys up and went deep into the tunes.

I was standing on one side as we do in the bus, bus stopped only few meters ahead, some more people got on the bus. A girl was added on my right side who was pushed towards me. Its was an busy hour, so I didn’t even bother to see. I took a step towards left as much I could and went back in the music world, but she was again pushed towards me. So I let it be. But after a few while I felt my shoulder heavy and turned to see. And I see a girl resting her head on my shoulder and there was no one to push her towards me. I felt bit surprised I look at her face to check if I knew her already but this was not some one that I knew. So I shaked my shoulder and the girl removed her head from my shoulder. But not even a minute had passed she again rested her head on my shoulder. The bus reached Koteshower, every one got off the bus and went their own ways.

This was not the first time or even second time for this type of experience to me, I have made two girlfriends in same manner, but it was a long ride of 12-13 hours. so we had enough time to talk and know each other before being close. This experience was shocking for me because I didn’t know that girl at all and she was trying to be close even though she didn’t even know and bother to know my name.

So, I was forced to think about that while walking towards home. I thought a for a while and try to remember if she was showing some symptoms of unwell but no I couldn’t remember that too. so I though “kalyug ho yaar J nee huna sakcha.” and let it go.


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