Do I really have alot of friends?? 22 Feb 2016

I have lot of things to say since its been a long time I haven’t wrote due to my exams. In this duration a lot has happened. I was invited to my friend’s sister’s wedding who is very close to me and is like my own sister, which was scheduled to be on next day of our last exam 11th of March. Me and my friends made plan to catch a bus in the evening of 10th of march, so that we could attend wedding as well as exam.

So we were planing about this wedding and the places we could visit since we were visiting Dang for wedding. Now time had come when we even started thinking of dosing this exam so we could visit Dang earlier than wedding day. so that we could rest from traveling and also help our sisters and family for wedding.

14th February, was here and since I am single I was enjoying my day with my friends we were done watching one movie and after snacking we were heading to box office to see if we could find ticket for another movie (which we didn’t get because it was a valentines day, so we did other fun stuff like playing lazer-tag and doing some karaoke). My phone rang and its was from my mom, who was in village from past 10 days with my elder brother and my father in search of bride for my brother.

I received the call and my mom said my brothers wedding was fixed on 11th of march which was on the same day. I got little cranky with my mom as it had been more than 2 weeks that I have informed her about my sister wedding and all my plans. so I asked her she couldn’t select any other date. she explained the bride family wants this wedding to happen as soon as possible as brides brother is going abroad for further study, I am having exam till 10th march and according to Hindu culture we cannot get married in month of Chaytra.

Now I was in trouble how do I say my sisters that I could not attend wedding in Dang as I have to attend my own brothers wedding on same day in Saptari, I was the one who was planning with all the friends about going to Dang so you can understand my dilemma.

Now we had no option but to divide our friends to attend both the wedding. I have been given a quota of certain number of friends that I could invite in wedding by my family. Since friends were divided it wont be any problem there are very less friends attending my brothers wedding I thought but still I have exceeded  my quota given by my family and still there are number of friend that are expecting me to invite them and I dearly like to invite them.

Which got me on thought, Do I really have a lot of friends??


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