It was For you…

Why do you hurt me all the time, is it intentional?? or is it that I get hurt by every single word that you uttered out of your mouth which has no hope of us being together in any future, because I am Incapable of living you.

I don’t do romance, my taste are singular but that doesn’t mean I am incapable of loving you. I only let you go at first place because I thought some time away from me will let you understand me better and make you love me more, but instead you choose to be with someone else.

It was my stupidity to let you go to get more love from you what was i thinking??? how could I think that in my right mind. but my stupidity didn’t stop there and tried to act cool in your eyes when I was all left to die in every second in my heart when ever i had thought of knowing you being with some one else.

The only thing that kept me going on all this time was my trust on my love for you, and belief that one day you will be back mine again and only mine for the rest of our lifetime. I believed in my love for you and knew you will be back realizing your mistake. I supported you at every step because i knew you will fall from your trust of wrong person and I will be there to hold you and take you back in my arms and protect you all my life.

but now as you say we don’t have any chance of us being together even a guy like me, with a lot of experience as people keep on saying, has got to know a pretty different kind of meaning to word heart break a complete new feeling to me did never felt it like this before. I couldn’t bare the thought of you not being part of my life any more as i want you to be. I couldn’t shake off the pain that was feeling deep inside my chest.

I don’t know what it was that feeling of pain or its was the pain of actual breaking of my heart. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks but couldn’t stop it even knowing it was embarrassing.

After going all through this I think now my life has no meaning. I want a happy ending to our life but if its without you it will be the most saddest ending of my life.

I don’t have any rights to force you to love me, and i know feeling of love doesn’t work that way…

so i am pouring my tears as words in hope through this message, that someday you will respect my love for you and develop some in your heart for me to give me a fairy-tale happy ending…
with lots of love
guy who can never be of anyone else


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