Value of Lost Ones

People say we never know the value of what we have got until we loose it but in reality, We always knew the value, Its just we never thought we will loose it. we all have love and lost but that first love and lost is always the most Pain full one.

We finally take a decision to give your heart to someone and  let her into your heart and make her co-conspirator to all your secrets. We trust her with our lives and are willing to give ours if it makes hers better a in any way.

But life is not as simple as a teenager’s wish and dreams. Reality is far beyond our thoughts, life happens as the teen phase passes. Teen hopes, wishes and dreams are now accompanied by Duty and Responsibility to your family and society. And your life of struggle begins.

As she has been there for you for all of your life time you hope her to be with you in this hard time too. You decide to succeed in your life, make your society, nation proud of you and give a better life to your family and her who will be part of it some day. You will be going through the phase of changes and adjustment, you realize “No matter how tall your grand father was you need to do your own growing.” and try to make name for your self. but it will be too much for her as you cannot balance time between your study, work, family, friends and her.

Then the phase arrives where she thinks you no more care for her and the fights begins without her realization, what you are doing is for the better life of both of you. Without realizing she will already be gone far and the unexpected  already happened. Now you start to wonder, all the sacrifice you made for a better life for both was really worth it, the person for whom you achieved all the success is not there to share it with you and you curse yourself for loosing her and having trusted so much that you never thought she will ever leave you and seek comfort in some one else arm.


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